DEMAWUSA is the new home for all municipal and allied workers in South Africa. DEMAWUSA recruits all municipal workers and other related services within the local government sector. It has risen from the ashes of the old. It is a genuinely democratic, independent, militant and campaigning trade union deeply committed to the principles of accountability and worker control. DEMAWUSA is unapologetically a revolutionary socialist trade union, and believes that society must be transformed to overcome poverty, unemployment, inequality and corruption.


A decision to form DEMAWUSA was taken in May 2015 by many members across all the provinces after a series of legal battles with the defunct SAMWU about the stolen monies in the union. Over 176 shopstewards were expelled and over 17 Officials dismissed for raising questions about corruption and mismanagement of funds in that union. The same problems still haunt the same union till today. DEMAWUSA was then formed on 26 September 2015 and launched on 27 September 2015 by all municipal workers across their political and ideological divide. The certificate of registration by the Registrar of the Department of Labour was issued on 24 January 2016.


The following are the four main broad strategic objectives found in the constitution of DEMAWUSA:

  • To protect and safeguard the job security of members, to advance their employment prospects and career paths and generally to do all such lawful things that will serve the interests of members in their individual and collective capacities.
  • To improve material conditions of our members and of the working people as a whole.
  • To organise the unorganised.
  • To unite all workers in the local government sphere and the public sector.

Who can Join DEMAWUSA.

Membership of DEMAWUSA is open to all workers employed, directly and indirectly, in local government, water boards and allied undertakings whether in the public, private or voluntary sector. DEMAWUSA believes that all workers falling under local government and its allied services must be organised under its banner. DEMAWUSA believes that no worker must be left un-unionised because such a worker is vulnerable to the employer�s cruelty and abuse. DEMAWUSA is not only for low-earned workers or commonly known as general workers, but for front line, office bound professionals and managers alike, permanent and non-permanent workers, young and old.